Setting Up Custom Domains in Sundae

Adding Your Custom Domain

  • 1.

    In the Sundae dashboard, click on “Domains” located in the sidebar.

  • 2.

    Type in your desired domain (like

  • 3.

    Click “Add”.

  • DNS Manager Changes

    Post clicking “Add”, on-screen instructions will pop up guiding you through changes required in your DNS manager. Ensure you follow these steps meticulously.

    Here are some links to the documentation regarding editing DNS records with popular domain providers. If your DNS provider isn't listed here, login to your provider's website and search their 'help' documents on adding DNS records.

    Verifying Your Domain

  • 1.

    After making the DNS changes, head back to the Sundae dashboard.

  • 2.

    Click the “refresh” button to initiate verification of your domain setup.

  • SSL Certificates

    Good news! Sundae automatically provisions an SSL certificate for your custom domains, ensuring your site is secure for visitors.

    Removing a Domain

    If you wish to delete a domain:

  • 1.

    Click on the item menu next to your domain.

  • 2.

    Select “Delete”.

  • Domain propagation and SSL certificate integration can sometimes take a bit. If it’s not immediate, wait a few minutes and then try the refresh step again.

  • Always ensure your domain’s info is accurate to avoid delays.

  • With Sundae, creating a professional-looking website with your own domain is a breeze!