Choosing Your Website Type in Sundae

When crafting a new site with Sundae, the first step is picking the right type that aligns with your content and audience. Here are the options to consider:


  • Best for: Comprehensive guides or detailed information.

  • Features: A tidy sidebar listing all articles, which can be nested for better organization + free text search. Your brand’s logo is prominently displayed at the top.

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    Help Center

  • Best for: FAQ sections or organized knowledge bases.

  • Features: The homepage lays out a list of articles for easy access. A search bar is at your service for quick finds. And, your logo? It's right there.

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    One Pager

  • Best for: Product launches, events, or sharing a standalone document.

  • Features: A minimalistic single-page design that’s direct and clutter-free.

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  • Best for: Keeping your audience engaged; create a personal blog, team blog or company blog, use attractive post images, embed videos and keep readers coming back for more content.

  • Features: Post listings, full text post search, post images, and everything you need for per excellent page SEO and social sharing.

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    Choose wisely, and let Sundae transform your content into a beautiful web experience!