Supported Blocks in Sundae

When publishing your content with Sundae, it’s essential to know which blocks shine through and which ones stay behind the curtains. Here’s a breakdown:

Supported Blocks

✅ Small title

✅ Medium title

✅ Large title

✅ Normal text

✅ Bulleted list

✅ Checklist

✅ Numbered list

✅ Quote

✅ Divider

✅ Image

✅ Video

✅ Gif

✅ File

✅ Code

✅ Notice box

✅ Layouts (Columns)

✅ Table

Unsupported Blocks

If a block is not mentioned in the list above, it’s currently not supported. This means that these blocks won’t appear on your Sundae pages.

Always review your website after publishing to ensure your content displays as intended. Sundae is always evolving, so keep an eye out for updates on block support in the future!